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Why Uncharted?

Uncharted moves core insurance distribution, product innovation, and operations into the platform economy.


Built for the insurance market. Seamlessly integrates into any existing insurance core system and empowers insurers and brokers with the ability to distribute and operate any product, through any channel, in any market.


Unlock the benefits of uncharted growth.

Uncharted Cloud

The 4 Cloud Modules within the Uncharted Cloud enable product development, underwriting and digital distribution across insurance transaction flows. Whether you’re searching for an end-to-end solution, or just looking to supplement a part of your existing system with ours, we offer flexibility.

Product Cloud

Advance further product innovation as Uncharted builds, packages, and prices new forms of insurance coverages for the future.

Digital Insurance Product Advisory
  • Insurance product innovation
  • Collaborative workflow to build custom digital products for the digital customer
  • An advisory service for product evolution fit for the modern customer
Digital Underwriting Lab
  • Product-as-a-service
  • Visualisation and development of original products specifically for the digital age
Product Builder
  • Tools for easy creation of products
  • A hub for users to build novel insurance products for potential underwriting

Service Cloud

Digitally manage the entire lifecycle of a customer journey from marketing to renewals to claims with a self-servicing policy administration hub.

Policy Servicing Functions
  • Digitizing and automation of policy-related services
  • Policy and coverage updates can be carried out quickly and digitally
  • Efficient underwriting UI
Automation of Policy Renewals
  • Reduced contact between carrier/broker and policyholder
  • Automated notification of policy changes and renewals are sent to policyholders
Optimizing the Customer Experience
  • Optimizing the engagement between carrier/broker and customer
  • One-stop shop for policyholders to view their policy details and update information
  • CRM – for customer drop-offs and lead capture

Omni Cloud

Provide 360° customer engagement with a suite of third-party integrations offering omniscient data-driven insights to optimise customer lifetime value.

Communication lines integrated into one CRM environment
  • One environment to consolidate all communication from each customer interaction (e.g. SMS, Email, Phone Call)
  • Implement complete continuation of customer conversations through multiple lines of contact.
  • White-labelled service for endpoint distributors – enables frictionless customer engagement
  • Integrated with Twilio
Be omniscient of updates and insights into a customer’s profile
  • Stay informed on your policyholders’ life journey (e.g. marital status, living situations)
  • Collect usable data from your policyholder from the very first engagement all the way through their policy lifecycle.
  • Gather insights and use them to cross, upsell, and recommend relevant products based on each individual’s lifestyle

Partner Cloud

A toolkit for our ecosystem of partners to integrate and implement the Uncharted Platform across a global footprint.

Partner Network

  • Partners undergo a training process to independently vendor the Uncharted platform to their customer bases
Carrier/Broker Integration
  • Enable MGAs and e-commerce partners to distribute and sell your insurance products through the Uncharted platform without the integration hassle on your side

Uncharted Core

The Uncharted Core is powered by our Claims Engine, Data Engine, and Financial Engine. These engines operate together on the backend workflow to drive the processes that complement and augment the functionality of the Uncharted Cloud.

Claims Engine

Enable automated straight-through claims processing.

Fully digitized claims experience
  • Eliminate time-consuming interaction between policyholder and carriers/brokers.
  • Improved customer experience as policyholders receive up-to-date digital notifications on their claims submissions.
  • Multi-channel claims filing made possible. Supported mediums include video calls, SMS, emails, etc.
Fully automated claims process
  • Products sold through our platform are digitally-enabled – Claims can be filed online.
  • Increase profitability with reduced expenditure on manual claims processes.
  • Integrate with external data sources relating to specific incidents for automated claims processing.

Data Engine

We redesigned the data infrastructure to power underwriting and product innovation for the digital age.

Automation of Underwriting & Portfolio Management
  • Overlay historical and real-time data for more accurate risk-pricing strategies
  • Leverage on-demand, incremental rate adjustment
  • Automate analyses of underwriting data to quantify risk assessment
Insurance Product Innovation
  • Repackage your products for digital distribution
  • Track real-time risk gaps – Respond and recommend
  • Embed product distribution into digital user journey – Move towards a product recommendation framework
Parametric Risk Prediction
  • Shift from a react model, to a predict and prevent one
  • Minimize CAT loss
  • Optimize and automate rates before, during, and after a disaster
  • Integrate internal and external data sources with underwriting price models to automate on-demand price adjustments and communication

Financial Engine

A segment equipped with all the tools necessary for premiums and commissions calculations.

BI/Bordereaux Reporting
  • Bordereaux extraction and generation
  • Management dashboards with aggregated views of key performance metrics
  • Ledger integration
  • Supports various digital types of montly, annual, and recurring payments
Premium Calculation and Collection
  • Includes payment gateway fees, brokerage fees, and taxes. Supported with the ability to be localised in each market (tax, fees, currency, language, regulations, etc.)